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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

If I truly believe in recommending a product or service I do my best to share it to others as I feel it is important to help those businesses grow but also to help improve the efficiency of other people who may benefit like my clients.


The Planoly system is a fantastic scheduling tool that allows posts to be uploaded in advance to Facebook and Instagram. Their solo package costs around £7 a month (no long-term commitment) which I feel is incredibly good value as it really does take the stress out of building a strong social media platform. Here is the process I follow:

1. The client uploads a wide range of photographs directly to their Planoly account.

2. The client then emails me a list of ideas they have, specific products they want to promote or any specifics they have in mind.

3. I then log in and schedule the posts throughout the timescale we have discussed. Daily posts are the most common but some clients choose other options, such-as weekly or every other day. I then utilise a selection of tailor-made hashtag clouds to capture your targeted audience and use analytics data to predict the most suitable time of day in which to post them. 4. Once finished, the client can then log back in and view the posts that are waiting in line. By this point I have already established a good level of understanding with my clients and therefore very few revisions are usually required. 5. Planoly then schedules the posts, reaching out to clients and building a presence on your behalf. Never will you have to manually grid post again, you can just enjoy interacting with all the potential clients who comment, like or follow you instead If you want to try Planoly, sign up for free with this link today.


Pixieset is a great website building platform that I feel is highly underestimated. With the ability for clients to view, purchase and download photo galleries, it is popular within the world of photographers but slowly the rest of the world is starting to see its potential too. Although not as customisable as other platforms in terms of theme and colour, the user-friendly system is great for clients who are advertising a service or those whom will benefit from being able to manage the site themselves, such as bloggers. Although I am biased, my favourite Pixieset site is so be sure to check it out! If you think it would be ideal for your business, send me an email for a bespoke referral code.

Studio Ninja

Use code LU170512Y to start enjoying the benefits of Studio Ninja. We use the programme to manage all of our client information, send invoices & track wedding bookings over at Luke Granger Photography.

It has loads of different features so be sure to check out on their website.


To run a successful business, it is vital you prioritise your health; without you, there will be no business to run. I have been a member of Simplyhealth for a number of years and find it a fantastic way of claiming back the cost of my glasses, dentist and osteopathic treatment, amongst many other things.

Email me for a bespoke referral code to sign up and receive a free month.

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