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As we expand and grow the range of products we offer here at the Bethany Lauren Print Workshop, I felt that now was the perfect opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions that have been thrown our way. Our aim has always been to offer affordable, high quality prints to professional and amateur photographers as we know first hand how important it is to share and display art. Efficiency in business is so important, so we hope you find the information on this page useful, but feel free to get in touch if you have any questions of your own.


We display our sizes in inches but we appreciate it can be a little confusing sometimes. There are 2.54cm to an inch if you wish to convert yourself but there are lots of online conversion calculators that you may find useful. We always recommend to double check your sizes carefully before placing an order and if you have any doubt, get in touch.

YOUR PRINTS SEEM EXPENSIVE, AM I MISSING SOMETHING? We offer one of the most affordable quality photographic printing services in the UK so I'm surprised that you feel this way. As an example, for a 16x12" fine art photographic print we charge £12.00, however most of our competitors are priced between £16.00-18.00. Our competitors often display prices before VAT which may appear to be cheaper, however additional fees are often added at checkout. Our aim is to offer affordability and premium quality so are margins are fairly small and we do our best to offer promotions when possible. DO YOU SEND OUT PAPER SAMPLES? We are happy to send out samples of our paper types to enable our customers to make an informed decision about their photographic prints. We currently have 3 paper options across our range: Lustre Pro, Archival Matte & Canvas Textured Paper. All of which are of museum, archival quality so will really compliment your photographs. The most popular paper option is our Lustre Pro which is a semi gloss photographic paper that offers fantastic versatility.


We use a Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-4100 44" Photo Printer as it offers fantastic quality enabling us to deliver high quality prints to each of our clients.

We always use professional inks and papers to ensure we offer a premium product and are proud to offer museum quality archival prints to professional and amateur photographers. THE SIZE I WANT ISN'T LISTED, ARE ALTERNATIVES AVAILABLE? Our range is designed to accommodate the most popular photographic sizes and many are within the 3:2 ratio as this is most commonly used across the UK. If you have a size that you require we use our advertised prices to gauge what price category a print would fall into. eg. a 12x12" print costs £9.00, If you required a 14x10" print it would also be priced at £9.00. WHERE ARE YOUR FRAMES MADE? All frames are handmade in the UK from sustainable materials to offer an exceptional quality. If you are a professional photographer, you will have invested time and effort into perfection your image and therefore it deserves to be preserved in a frame of fantastic quality. We took a great deal of time to find a supplier that we felt met the needs of our clients and have

WHAT TYPE OF GLASS IS IN YOUR FRAMES? All our frames use 2mm real picture glass as it doesn't distort or damage the photographic print inside. Unlike many tinted or acrylic plexiglass alternatives, real glass doesn't discolour or tarnish, so your framed photographic print will last a lifetime. We chose to ensure longevity for our products and feel that this one of the highest priorities our photography clients demand.

DO YOUR FRAMED PRINTS COME WITH FIXINGS? All frames are supplied with d-ring style fixings which can be attached to your frame with ease. Frames sized under 12x10" will also have a desktop stand fitted incase you do not wish to hang on a wall. As wall types vary, we do not supply any fittings to insert into your wall but different options can be found at any local hardware store.


For Photographic Prints, we advertise 3-5 working days to accommodate particularly busy periods, however we regularly dispatch orders within 48 hours of being placed. Frame orders will usually be dispatched within 7 working days as we have limited space to store all framed size combinations at once.

HOW WILL MY ORDER BE POSTED? Orders for prints sized A4 & below will be sent flat and all larger prints will be send rolled in a triangular or round postal tube. Postage is charged at a £4 flat fee for all orders regardless of size but occasionally we may offer a free delivery promotion.

HOW MUCH CAN I PERSONALISE MY CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY? Our clients are all different and therefore we are happy to personalise your certificate of authenticity in many different ways. As standard, we would include your name and logo but you have the option to add a title for your artwork, location or date if you wish.

Just let us know your choice when sending through your files. Some professional photographers choose to leave the space blank so that they can sign or write a personal message by hand. We recommend using a silver or gold sharpie pen, and ensure the ink is dry before touching.

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