Photographic Printing Service

Given that Luke is a professional photographer, we invested last year in a wide format 12 colour commercial printer to enable us to print high quality prints for both ourselves and our clients. Knowing so many other professional photographers across different industries, it became clear that there was a high demand for a reasonably priced, high quality printing service so we decided to incorporate it within the launch of Bethany Lauren.

With a self service ordering system, clients can select the size of their prints and paper type, then crop and adjust if needed before proceeding to the checkout for a quick and easy ordering process. As a small family run business, we are pleased to be offering such a quality service to our clients. For smaller sized prints our prices are around 20% cheaper than competitors such as Loxley, however with large format prints the difference averages around 50% cheaper; proving that shopping small can have fantastic benefits for everyone. So far, our customers have been delighted with the quality of their photographs and its been great to see such a mixture of images come through since we launched just a couple of weeks ago. As expected we have received a lot of custom from Aerial, Landscape and Wedding photographers like Luke Granger Photography, we have also seen some fantastic portraits and animal photographs come through which are really enhanced when printed in such high quality.

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