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Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Ops Manuals UK specialises in supporting drone pilots across the UK and has been running for a number of years by my partner Luke. As readers will already know, Luke and I have a number of businesses together and therefore, I have an active role in building each one and ensuring they reach their full potential. In 2018, I initially built Ops Manuals UK a Wordpress site that soon became very successful. Featuring an online shop, Luke's clients could purchase his services and keep up-to-date with business development courses he was offering. As Luke had already established a strong position within the drone industry, Ops Manuals UK soon became the top result on Google for PfCO update services and would regularly see new and returning clients visit. Although the site was functional and capable of expanding, Spring 2020 saw us make a transition over to Wix. Although one of our reasons was to give the site a fresh look, we had been finding the internal Wordpress updates frustrating. Some of the original content was transferred over to the new site which helped speed up the build but I altered and expanded some elements, added new services and training courses as well as systemising the buying purchase function by allowing automatic downloads. The rebrand has already proven a worthwhile investment as our sales have grown considerably in just a short space of time. The first week saw sales double and with a more efficient back end system, our processes have sped up making the business far easier to manage on a daily basis.

Below is a shot of the old site, be sure to go visit www.opsmanuals.co.uk to see the new improved version.

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