North Kent 3D Face Shields

Updated: May 23, 2020

During the recent coronavirus outbreak, Luke and I started the North Kent 3D Face Shield project with some other local volunteers. It was apparent quite early on that although it was a charitable project, we would benefit from building a website to communicate and document our success. For speed and simplicity, I chose to build the site using Pixieset which serves its purpose very well. Whilst looking professional, the functionality of uploading information and having a platform to share with others on a website like this can be very effective. As a result of networking within the community, we provided over 7500 face shields to keyworkers across the country and raised over £11,000 in donations in just 7 weeks which was a fantastic achievement. The project also featured in a number of publications, including the front page of the Gravesend Messenger and Dartford Living magazine. If you are interested in hearing more, take a look at the website here

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