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As many readers will know, alongside running Bethany Lauren, I am also PA to the best wedding photographer in Kent, Luke Granger. Okay, Okay, I am a little biased given that he is my Fiancé but his work is pretty amazing so I can't help being proud. Growing the Luke Granger Photography brand alongside Luke was my first toe dip into the world of web design and really encouraged me to build my own business into what it is today. For years, Luke has been a photographer, coming from a background in property photography as part of his previous Estate agency job, he has since grown a huge following within the commercial drone industry but in 2018 we decided to focus more on the wedding photography side of his business. Although, Luke still offers aerial photography alongside a wide range of training and development services, his wedding photography is fantastic and we both really enjoy getting to know our clients and being an important part of their wedding day. My role as his PA is extremely varied, I pretty much complete anything that is needed; from organising his schedule, building the website, gathering equipment, accompanying photoshoots and trips aswell as organising and hosting wedding fairs across Kent. My favourite job is designing wedding albums and then delivering them to the bride and groom, there is something so magical about a wedding that just fills me with love. I also write 99% of the content across his website and social media which makes Luke my most demanding client. If you visit the Luke Granger Photography website, you will find a catalogue of blogs, all written by yours truly which are designed to support our couples in the lead up their wedding or discuss the projects we have been working on.

In terms of the website, I built the original site in 2018 using Wordpress but to improve efficiency, chose to transfer it over to Pixieset in December 2019. What a lot of web designers fail to realise is that one of the most important factors of web design is making the system efficient for the needs of the client. The simplicity of uploading blogs & updating pictures makes Pixieset a great platform for so many businesses, but when paired with the client gallery function, its perfect for photographers like Luke. If you are getting married and are looking for a photographer, be sure to check out his website and follow our social media to see more of our adventures.

Mini Q & A My favourite wedding photo from Luke Granger Photography is...

Now that's a tough one to choose. This one is one of my favourites and always gets a wow at wedding fairs. Taken at Colshaw Hall in Cheshire and I just really love the contrast between the deep red bricks and the blue sky. The brides dress is also so beautiful that I just love it.

My favourite wedding related story is...

Last Summer, Luke shot the wedding of Tricia & Roger at a beautiful venue called Amberley Castle. I hadn't even met them but when I went through their photographs to design their album, I cried because you could tell how in love & how happy they were. We delivered their album together and it was so lovely to finally meet them but it just goes to show how powerful good photography is. Their album is now one of our samples & we love showing it off to clients as it is filled with so many amazing shots.

My favourite venue is... Thats even an even tougher one to decide so I am going to have two choices. Danson House is a registry office in the London Borough of Bexley that I absolutely love. Luke took me to look around when we were first together and I just think it is such a beautiful building. We just want a small wedding so It is near the top of my list when I can actually persuade him to set a date but for now, I just make sure I assist every wedding he does there.

My other favourite is The Cave Hotel near Canterbury. Luke & I visited in January for an overnight stay in The Bridal Suite & it is such a wonderful venue. As the recommended photographer, we are always excited to visit and will be heading back to the onside Firepit Restaurant for dinner soon. Read my blog about our visit here.

My favourite fun shot... Luke often injects a shot of wow to his wedding photos and this one is a firm favourite as you can see how much fun the couple were having with their guests. There is a behind the scenes shot of Luke laying on the floor behind the camera &

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