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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Unfortunately, there often comes a time where animal lovers, have to say goodbye to a much loved companion and they will be in need of a service like Fallen Equine. Specialising in the humane disposal of Horses and Livestock, the agents at Fallen Equine contacted me about building a new website as they had not received any leads through their current website for a number of months which was built using HTML. As with all projects, I completed an in depth business health check and identified a number of areas that needed improvement before I began any work. Here are a few snippets from my evaluation

  • The website overall has very little content and what is present is not keyworded

  • The images used are not appropriate/relevant and they appear to be taken direct from Google

  • The wording used is not compassionate nor is it particularly informative. Some areas are particularly graphic.

  • Web pages are named 'fallenequine.co.uk/12678644' they should be 'fallen equine.co.uk/fallen-stock-kent-sussex-disposal'

  • No privacy policy or terms & conditions present.

From discussions with brothers Jeff & Stacey, It became clear that the best course of action would be to rebuild the site completely and give a new fresh image to the company, ensuring that the wording used was appropriate and give a collection of advice and information that would be useful to others.

Building trust with any brand is so important especially when you clients are in a vulnerable position. Fallen Equine are taking care of a much loved animal during a difficult time so they wanted to ensure that their compassion was coming across in the correct way, whilst also showing professionalism and expertise.

Given that the service offered is of a very sensitive nature, I was very cautious about the wording throughout the site. Approaching the keywords with common terms instead of professional ones was really important; as a horse owner is unlikely to use the phrase slaughterer or dispatcher but instead they would search terms such as "my horse is ill, what do I do?"

I am a huge champion from the importance of blog writing, its a fantastic tool when it comes to building up your SEO but also because it helps build personality to a website. By incorporating a small collection of blogs, potential Fallen Equine clients can now not only understand the process behind what the agents offer, but also make an informed decision about the difficult choice they have to make.

Although there are a number of blogs and other marketing projects in the pipeline, it has been fantastic to see such good results from the Fallen Equine website since its launch last week. The team have been sharing links into local horse related Facebook groups (a fantastic marketing tool) and engaging with potential clients who are clearly interested in the advice and information now available.

The analytics have shown alongside the connections made through Facebook, we are already seeing organic search results and a number of leads coming through. Unlike many other website designers, I never promise my clients that they will reach number one on a Google; as there are so many factors that must be combined to do this. What I will promise however, is that a website built by me will be a platform that you can build on and use as one of your tools to grow your business. I focus highly on efficiency and have realistic views on what is achievable. I look forward to hearing more about how Jeff & Stacey progress with their business in the coming weeks. For such a niche service it is fantastic that they are already seeing results and I am so pleased they are happy with the work I have done for them. If you would like to take a look at their website please do so here

www.fallenequine.co.uk Here is an excerpt from the blog "Is your horse unwell?"

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