Chrissy Lutzu Photography & Film

Chrissy Lutzu is a fantastic Portrait Photographer based in Greenwich, London and I have loved working on her brand new website. Finding her love for photography at the ripe age of 50, Chrissy specialises in Portraiture and Urban Photography in a signature black & white style. Many of her urban photographs depict mysterious passers by as they commute in the city of London and I love the depth and intrigue that each image brings. Alongside her photography, Chrissy is a fantastic film maker and has sold out screenings across some of London's most famous galleries and picture houses. The National Portrait Gallery, The Tate Modern, The Barbican, Museum of London, The Curzon in Soho and The Ritzy in Brixton have all featured Chrissy's work; some shows even repeatedly sold out which is a huge achievement in such a competitive industry. Just 2 years after becoming a Professional Photographer, Chrissy has been actively involved in a number of community projects such as 1000 Londoners and has built a fantastic reputation as a result. Reaching so many diverse people through her work, Chrissy was tired of being asked for links to her website, because she didn't have one, which is where I came in.

After a number of discussions about her vision for the future, I began by designing Chrissy a new logo so we could watermark all of her work going forward. The signature style is discrete enough to not distract from the subjects in her photographs but ensure her brand is protected. I hope you agree, the logo's simplicity against Chrissy's dramatic style looks great.

For a number of reasons I chose Pixieset as the most suitable platform to build Chrissy's website. Pixieset is tailored specifically for Professional Photographers; its gallery function allows clients to view, download and purchase photographs directly and its user friendly dashboard is ideal, if in the future, Chrissy wishes to manage the site herself. Taking notes and prompts directly from Chrissy, I began working on the site and it soon started to come together nicely. By including a blog to the new website, Chrissy now has a place to share individual projects with her clients, as well as build on the SEO keywords used to help her climb Google. As part of our ongoing business development plan, I will be ghostwriting further blogs for Chrissy Lutzu Photography & Film alongside supporting her with content for her social media platforms. With some exciting projects in the pipeline already, I can't wait to hear more as the business grows and I hope you join me in wishing her the best of luck on growing her brand. Here are a couple of screen grabs of the website now that it is finished but If you want to see more of Christine's work, visit Chrissy Lutzu Photography & Film.

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